ISOQuest can develop a Quality, Safety, Environmental or fully Integrated Management System for you from the first step through to certification.

Here is why we think our systems are the best:

  • Our consultants are experienced in developing and implementing management systems for all size organisations and industry sectors and have had experience with specific industry requirements (such as IMDS for the automotive industry, NHVAS for the Heavy Vehicle Transport Industry)
  • We perform an Initial Assessment of your operations and assess the criticality of the applicable Standard elements to your business. We then use this information to focus on those activities that require the most control and build a system to suit, rather than taking a “blanket approach” in applying a Standard to your management system.
  • We ensure that the management systems we develop are clear, concise, easy to understand and maintain. To achieve this, we review your operations and business thoroughly, interview your people and develop a draft system. This system then finalised by being work-shopped with your employees to ensure their ownership of the system and maximum practicality. Our approach has proven over the past 14 years to be the most effective and cost efficient manner to implement an effective management system.
  • To assist with the implementation of your management system, we can also provide tailored training, work-shops and mentoring to educate and support your workforce, enabling them to quickly become competent in the system’s maintenance and the continue evolution and improvement of it into the future.

Need help, but not a full management system?

If a full management system is not what you require, we can also assist with partial development or the ongoing maintenance of your management system. For all systems, we can assist with activities such as:

  • Documenting the mandatory procedures and policies to meet the relevant Standard
  • Developing Management Plans for contracts or tenders
  • Developing Objectives/Targets and the Management (Action) Plans to achieve them
  • Assisting Document Control maintenance activities
  • Developing Induction Programs for your employees
  • Assisting with nonconformance and corrective action closure
  • Ongoing Internal Audits and Supplier Audits.

Environment specific assistance:

  • Initial Environmental Assessments to identify your environmental aspects and impacts
  • Significance assessment of environmental aspects and developing efficient and effective environmental controls for your significant aspects
  • Developing training programs for specific environmental aspects and impacts
  • Registering products on the International Material Data System (IMDS).

Safety specific assistance:

  • Initial OHS Assessments and identifying your OHS hazards and risks
  • Performing Risk Assessments and developing efficient and effective controls (consistent with the Hierarchy of Control) for your OHS risks
  • Developing Plant and Chemical Risk Assessment protocols, JSAs (Job Safety Analysis) and SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements)
  • Developing training programs for specific safety hazards.

Quality specific assistance:

  • Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis (DFMEA) and Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Inspection and Test Plans
  • Process Control Plans and Work Instructions

ISOQuest is based in Melbourne, we can support your project requirements whether they are in regional  Victoria or anywhere in Australia.